335 Light, Taken PoE, King’s Fall Update & More..Will this get you back on playing Destiny?-wpn

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335, PoE, fall update tasks & more King… This will get back you on playing fate?

for bungie has officially revealed what will happen on their spring update is expected on April 12. But the question is, these modules you will attract to replay the destiny? Now go check the upcoming updates on fate: the King of tasks below:

slight increase 335

  • ‘ both fix and rewards was increased in Prison or elsewhere, Court of Oryx, heroic strikes, strikes the dark of the night and the King fall Raid. “, as well as iron banner and testing of Osiris”.
  • drops Normal fall of the King increased light level 320. Drops hard door at 330.
  • short of Drops Oryx Artifact is passed to 335 light level.
prison revitalized or elsewhere

“claim Sigil a Variks seniors each week in the reef and test your Fireteam against three waves consecutive boss.” Bosses and gameplay modifiers change each week, for a total of sixteen unique encounters. “Your score is followed on Sigil seniors and on Bungie.net rankings”.
  • the level 41 mode will have 50% chance of including patrons of tasks.
  • level 42 Challenge mode allows you to get a weapon with 30 k points and piece of armor guaranteed to 90 points k.
  • challenge PoE is an activity timed; you lose points if you take too much time.
  • no keys required for booty!
  • control points are available – if you wipe in challenge mode, your points will be reset to the amount you had before the tour began.
  • , you can complete the regular bonuses in PoE and engrams can descend from the enemies.

pale chalice

with dead Oryx, a new threat will emerge among the tasks. Malok, which Bungie has insisted on flows is pronounced “Muh-lock”, seems to be the main protagonist in the new upcoming strike in the April update.

Malok will have several capabilities, we’ve seen before, but he will use against us in new and unique ways.

Bungie unveiled a few new quests during the live stream. The first, At the Gates, is centered around helping to combat tasks now leader-less Variks that are scattered throughout the solar system. According to the description in the game seen on the stream, we will be hunting a tasks boss who seeks to seize power for himself. The quest begins with a mission named pretender to the throne, which takes place on the White Tiger.

the second quest we see is entitled return to Prison and will involve fighting in the newly updated, Prison or elsewhere.

there was a supplementary Playstation exclusive quest offered by Petra. This quest is to collect what is called “Essence of Darkness” for the champions of court or Oryx, and requires the most stimulating Champions contain more gasoline.
reads the description of this task, “the reef Watch report a resurgence or tasks activity in the courtyard of the Oryx, and they say they recovered a very powerful technology of these tasks. 
Shaders of firearms?

and more ships and sparrows, we’ll get some new cool cosmetic options for our weapons. While they hold information close to the vest, there were several cosmetic innovations featured in the screenshots that can be seen below.
at the end of this interview with GameInformer, it was revealed that “new vanity options” will be available for armor as well.

winter tasks

The Archon priest is back, but still he could not escape within reach of the receptacle. The priest will return in an updated version of strike race of winter, complete with the enemies of tasks and a battle field that has been redesigned by the Team Live.
for those who played winter front Run and I think they know the priest of the Archon game plan, Bungie has confirmed on their live stream the Hey will be not just wearing a costume of tasks. I’ll have a host of new capabilities for the opponents faced.
fall of the King

, in an interview with GameInformer, Ryan p. shared that “the current difficulties will be adjusted to provide the additional challenge and proportional bonuses. The challenge Modes will continue to be available, but we are not adding a third level of difficulty, or any new meeting. “

now with all these news are you excited on replay destiny?

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source: URplanetdestiny.com