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why not? Maybe you haven’t heard of him. Well, it is a program that can store the titles, URLs, descriptions and anything else you need for the registration of your website in directories. It can also store the information for your articles, including titles, the body of article, signatures, key words and whatever else you like.

it stores more than a simple all of this information. Having already entered the repertoire of all your websites listing information or information for your articles, just go to web content directory page with the submission form and with the press of a button, it can complete and submit the form for you. No more copy and paste all your entries to the directory and articles. With the amount of time you need to copy and paste a list of directories or article, you can submit your entries to the phone book or articles using RoboForm.

since I use RoboForm, I upgraded to RoboForm Pro. RoboForm Pro allows you to enter an unlimited number of Web sites and blogs. RoboForm Pro also offers an unlimited number of custom fields for each site and each item. Using RoboForm Pro, I can submit 10 different items to approximately 200 directories of blogs in a single day. Without the program, it might take me a week or more.

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