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, we all do. However, in an effort to save some pain and discomfort along the way, I have compiled a short list of some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them. So read and enter in the podcasting arena a few steps ahead of the competition.

number one-reading from a script. I highly recommend writing a draft of what you want to cover in your podcast doesn’t need to read Word for Word from a script. When most people are trying to read directly from a script, they end up looking like Ben Stein. “Bueller? ” It is not fun, and you will lose your audience before you even have a chance to start. Unless you have a training in acting or impromptu reading is probably a good idea to give up the script.

a simple solution is to make a list of talking points, cards of matching or even a laid out more detailed what you mean in your podcast. As long as the format leaves room for improvisation it will meet also more friendly and conversational. This may take a few tries to get used to ‘ it detachment “, but you’ll hear much better. It is always advisable to repeat and edit your podcast when possible sounds you not to the point where it too scripted or artificial.

number two – Sound. While everyone can afford really slick production values, it is important to appear at least somewhat professional. This means investing in a good quality microphone, a headset and a program edition or some sort.

is not necessarily a significant investment however. The micro and headphones can be obtained for a reasonable amount, and you can download a free software like Audacity which will allow you to edit your show. Audacity will let attach you pieces of music, edit coughs, “ums” or even some parts of the podcast that you’re not happy with. Should also do a sound check before moving from 15 to 30 minutes, recording a podcast that is unintelligible. Check that the microphone volume is set correctly and that it is not the background interference.

numbers three – rare episodes. Nobody wants to subscribe to a show if it is broadcast only sporadically. Why? Mainly because it is difficult to penetrate and to maintain interest in a show if it is not enough for you keep engaged in the content. At least try to have diffuse watch never another week if not weekly. It is true that some shows are not published each month, but typically the busiest, is broadcast the higher are its sides.

number four – no call to action. It’s weird that a listener will come to find your podcast in the context of your site. Most people will probably fall on your podcast via the podcast directory it is important to make sure that you include a call to action at the end of your podcast. The fact is that if you do not provide a clear way for people to interact with you, then they won’t.

number five – no album art. This only applies when you submit your podcasts different directories and podcast aggregators. iTunes, for example, lets people and more often than other album art not even to take a second look at the podcasts without it. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and you can even use your logo as the art of the album as long as it communicates something about the podcast.

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