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what is on the Offer-An overview

you are running a business. Maybe you want to test the waters before the bombing of large sums of money to set up your commercial web site. Or maybe you just want to save as much money as possible. Whatever the reason, you have probably at some point seriously considered using a free host. If so, then you this overview can at least go some of the way to help make you your choice. *

guests surveyed below offer a virtual domain hosting, email and (approximately) 20-40 MB of storage space, and a version of online forms processing capacity (EC through the FrontPage extensions or cgi scripts). Most require banner ads appear on the websites of users, although they also allow users to upgrade to the paid banner-free hosting.

so here it is, the common points. Now for the differences. What differentiates these hosts, and why you would choose one over the other?

it really depends on your priorities…

If you wish to obtain the support and the opportunity to exchange with others, your first choice would probably be Hypermart.NET or is a ‘versatile’, which offers a comprehensive range of features, including cgi and FrontPage Web hosting support. It also has a wide range of free support facilities and web tools. as Hypermart.NET, describes himself as a community, but also a host. Bizland also provides a free basket.

If you have a domain (non-US) foreign, Netfirms ( should probably be your first point of call. Netfirms can accommodate any specific area of the country name.

If your priority is to set up an online shopping cart and a merchant account, then look carefully at, specialized in the provision of trolleys for small business traders. also allows users to attach the free shopping cart features to their web sites. It requires no banners – a grand more. On the other hand, the use of models for the development of sites may limit the ability to customize the design of a site

, all hosts, we talked about so far are based on Unix. If you, on the other hand, prefer to work in a Windows environment, then is seriously to consider. Notable features include support or Active Server Pages and FrontPage extensions.

free hosting – what to Watch Out For

we have examined some of the advantages of using a free host and listed some of the major players in the market of free hosting. In this section we list some of the major draw back to use a free web host for your business.
. Support

limited main source of your free host of income will be their advertisers, and that is where their primary loyalty will reside – not with the user. In addition, many free hosters have many users – after all, they need a large user base to support their advertising! So, whatever they offer support services will be probably finely divided. These two primary factors affect advertising revenue as well as an important base of average users that you’ll probably have less than support them you will get from a host for which users are the primary income source.

. Lack of reliability software and servers

servers can be slower due to the number of hosted users, or simply because quality servers are not a priority. Email can be unreliable. In this case, you, the user only will have often no right or remedy.

. «Fishooks’ in terms

many free hosters limit the use of their servers in ways which can cause problems and in some cases will end just your account if it is not used. For example, the URhypermart Canada terms stipulate that:

“HyperMart-hosted Web sites are subject to the deletion if there is no activity (hits or modifications) on the site of fifteen 15 days.” Hypermart reserves the right to remove any site, it is unacceptable for any reason without notice Davis. «

so if nobody visits your site and that you do not change a chance to period lasts 15 days, your account will be deleted! This is not just good business! And, of course, you have very few rights here, once again, the primary loyalty of these free service providers will be the advertiser rather than you, the user.

Thus, study the modalities of the service near host!

. Limitations on use of Web-space

most free hosts require that a sequence to be placed at the top of every page on your web site and you will have little control on what type or advertising is placed. The content of the banner advertising may come into conflict with the image that your website presents; and, of course, if funding of advertising or your own is an intended source or revenue, then obviously this banner be a problem for you!

free hosters will often excludes certain types of trading altogether. For example, if you plan to resell web space, or to host a banner exchange, you will not be able to use Hypermart.NET, as its terms of service depart these uses of its servers. Similarly, if you plan of earns a large part of your income from affiliate programs or commissions from the sale of products from other vendors, then is not for you, because it explicitly excludes the creation of links to affiliates.

in conclusion, if you are managing a criticism site, free Web hosts are not the best places to visit. (But then, you probably already know!) However, if you’re simply testing the waters or experiment with a site to see if your business idea works before fully committing to it, then by all means, try a free webhost – but keep your eyes open!

* note: because it has such a wide selection of hosts to choose from, I’ve been a little selective: examining only the most well-known guests or those who can offer something unique that “distinguishes the crowd.