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creating an episode directly Link here a tip for you show how you can create a direct link to each podcast episode in your show notes.

If you look on the pages of many podcasts show notes, you will often see a “direct link” hyperlink which links directly in the MP3 of each show.

I must admit that personally I was sceptical about the value of adding this link in each set or show the notes that I’ve added each podcast episode. But, when I made the decision to remove the direct link of some episodes of my podcasts, I had actually complaints of some people that the direct link was deleted!

Thus, it appears that a few people use them in fact direct links, so it is a good idea to put an inch

adding a direct link in your show notes is, in fact, very easy. You literally just have to create some text such as “direct link” (or an image, if you really want fancy) and apply a link directly to the web address of the MP3 of the episode. If you are not too sure of what the address of the MP3 file is, then take a look at the address allows you to add an envelope to tickets – which is the address that you need. If you still don’t know too much, you have to find the address of the MP3 file on your hosting service, there will be a “http://…” type of address for the actual MP3 file you upoaded to your hosting service – this is what you need.

If your show notes are created using a platform like Blogger or WordPress, literally highlight the text that you created (for example. “direct link”), select the Connector tool and enter the web address of the MP3 episode. The following is an example of use of Blogger:

this will create a link which, when clicked, will take a browser of the user directly in the MP3 file in this particular episode.

what will actually happen when the user clicks on the link will vary from machine to machine – it depends on what the user of the computer program’s default is configured to use (Quicktime, iTunes, etc.) You do not have to worry about this – as long the link is correct, it will do the job.

if a user wants to download the MP3 file on their computer, rather than listening to the podcast, then they will have to click with the right button on the link in their browser, and then select an option such as ‘ Save as ‘or’ save target as ‘-it varies from a browser. They will be able to designate a location (i.e. a folder) to download the file on their machine.

If you feel the need to dive into the actual HTML code to create a link in your tickets, then here is a small example:

  • MP3 file address:
  • text link : Click here
  • HTML: Click here

put all together, this would be:

Click here < /a & gt

so there you have it. A direct link is simple enough to create something, but it is really worth having to ensure that more people get as possible to listen to your programming.

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