Creating Your First Podcast-wpn

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If you’re into podcasting, do not let the word lingerie you the date.  Create a podcast is quite simple.  The only tools you need to create your podcast are a computer, a microphone, and a recorder that allows you to save in MP3 format.  You will also need the means of distribution of your podcast. If you already have a website, then it is suitable.

If you do not have a Web site, you may want to start one if not the only method that you can use to distribute your podcasts would burn to CD.  If you use this method, you also need a CD burner and CD there.  There are also some podcast hosting services that allows you to upload your podcast to listen to users, but these services are usually more expensive then hosting for your Web site.  Your own site using Internet offers you more control over your podcasts.

to record your podcast, you’ll need an audio recorder and microphone so that it can be saved on your computer.  You can perform a search using your search engine preferred for Mixcraft or Audacity; These two programs are not suitable for the recording of podcasts.  Once you have selected a recorder and bought a microphone, then all you have to do is record your podcast, save the file and prepare to distribute using your chosen distribution method.

when you save your podcast, you will need to include a few elements.  First of all, your podcast will have a message good introduction.  Your introduction message should not be too long, but still provide enough information about yourself or your company and what is talking about your podcast.  Once you have finished your presentation, you can save real message of your podcast.

If you plan to include ads in your podcast, you should also make sure that you inform your listeners or pause in the podcast before each publication.  This is so they will know that an ad is about to be played and will not think that your podcast is complete.  A simple message like “we will immediately be after a Word from our sponsors” will know your listeners that the podcast is not complete.

Finally, you’ll want to add a declaration for closure at the end of your podcast.  Your closing speech may inform listeners of what next your podcast is subject, or you can just say a simple farewell and thank them for listening.  When you have finished your podcast, make sure that you end on a note where your listeners will feel satisfied about your information.  If you finish your podcast with a topic not completely covered, then your listeners can feel a sense of missing something.

you can also add a nice background music to the introduction and your podcast’s closing statement.  If you decide to do, make sure that you use music that you have obtained permission to use.  It is not legal to use the copyright of music in podcasts without permission.