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friendly URLs Facebook want a nice, easy-to-remember URL for your podcast-oriented Facebook account? Here is a little trick to make it even easier for people to find you on Facebook.

one thing that I always recommend is that people publish updates on their blog or podcast show notes on Twitter and Facebook. It also pays to ensure what you should mention this fact your podcast, so your audience will know how they can find you easily via their chosen social network.

With Twitter, things are generally easy as your twitter account is generally the web address (URL) “”, followed by “/ ‘. However, Facebook, things are a little trickier, as your Facebook Wall is usually at the address “! “.”

obviously, the URL of your Facebook is going to be much more complicated to announce your podcast as your Twitter address.

the good news is that there is a solution very careful on this issue.

at the time, Facebook made a feature avaiable, which means that you can select a “friendly” URL Facebook to publicize. For example, but Facebook wall is to: “” #! “‘ / nigelrunner ‘, but now I have also much the friendly URL or” “.”

to create your own friendly URLs, you must visit the following Facebook page, while logged into Facebook: “ “. When you arrive at the page, you will be asked to designate the part ‘username’ of your friendly URL. This will usually be the name of your Facebook account, or perhaps the name of your podcast.

but there are a few caveats:

  • the name must not be already used by someone-other
  • choose wisely, you only choose once!


If you have a separate page (rather than your Facebook account standard) for your podcast, you can also designate a friendly URL for this page too!

for example, I have a Facebook page for the podcast running since the Reaper which is associated with my main Facebook account. I have all updates see the post from my show notes in on this page.

by Vister “ “, I was able to create the URL friendly (“”) the page too!

in short, Facebook is another great channel to get your podcast to your audience. But when you need people to your Facebook page in your podcast, Facebook default URL are “hostile”. Visit “ ” and get a friendly URL you can easily give your audience.

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