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Podcasts are experiencing growing popularity worldwide. Its unique delivery system (podcast in MP3 files being downloaded into computers automatically during registration) and the fact that you can bring and listen anywhere through portable music players contributes to its growing customer base. Of course, the fact that everything is free is a great attraction for anyone and add to that the relatively easy way of using this new great application. All that is required is an internet connection and a computer – the player himself is an optional accessory and not necessary to really enjoy listening to podcasts.

there are so many available podcasts on the internet and furniture to so many genres. Indeed, the available types offered by podcasts are so different from what is offered in regular radio broadcasts. However, one of the most popular types of podcast are so-called comedy podcasts. These types of podcasts rate constantly at the top of any countdown podcast on the internet. This testifies to its massive popularity.

there may be many reasons why comedy podcasts seem to have captured the attention and following or so computer users and fans of the World podcast. Light hearted nature of podcasts as well as stupid topics that are discussed are just perfect for the environment. There is also comedy podcasts that the usual format for interviews with celebrities and gives, it is a hilarious spin. Imagine a very stressful day at work, or you’re stuck in traffic jams and waiting makes you crazy. Nothing could mitigate these negative feelings hear more hilarious jokes or comments on your portable music player. The comedy could distract you from stress or boredom. Comedy podcasts are also a good genre mixing with music from your portable player. After listening to your favorite albums that you can kick back and just let your hair down with wacky comedy podcasts.

there are so many comedy different podcasts to choose from it is hard to choose just one. Here are some of the podcasts available on the internet most popular Comedy:

The Ricky Gervais podcast – the funny star of the British sitcom The Office has started making podcasts. Gervais is as funny as ever. It is a British comedy at its best.

the speech of the weekly President Radio – it is the official parody of the US president’s weekly radio address. Weekly address President Bush is from lampooned every week by these spiritual authors

Gay Fun Show – called the “Love Boat”, or podcasts, hear the political comedy given a turn single gay by its two hosts. These guys here also interview different celebrities with their gay aplomb.

comedy 365 – another remarkable podcast based comedy in Britain. It is one of the most popular Brit-comedy podcasts on the net and is worth a visit.

infected by Martin Sargent – host TechTV Martin Sargent brings his wacky and hilarious spirit in his tour the more humorous, and the strangest, most cutting edge content on the internet.