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Getting iTunes to update immediately there are a few cases when you would really like iTunes to go directly to the outside and make your newly updated RSS feeds available to your audience.

the first is probably when you first start podcasting and are so excited that you just can’t wait to get your new watch upwards and available on iTunes.

the second is when you posted recently a new show, suddenly understood that there is something wrong with the show and want to shoot and/or replace it.

iTunes provides a little nice feature so you can force ‘ping’ on your RSS feed to purge it to the top of your power supply to listeners.

generally, the robots iTunes will probably be the only analysis your RSS all hours, so it may take a number of hours change on your stream to be reflected on iTunes.

but, by using the ping feature, you can speed up this process by forcing iTunes to take a look at your RSS feed updated almost immediately.

the way you download iTunes to come take a look at your workflow is to type a special URL in your browser. The URL is formatted like this: :/ / FEEDURL

so, for example, my podcast feed URL is:

I type the following URL in a browser to force iTunes ping my workflow: [://feedsfeedburnercom/RunningFromTheReaper

and, as far as I typed it correctly (and my podcast listed on iTunes of course!), I get output like this:

so, next time you have to get iTunes to look at your podcast feed quickly, give it a try.
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