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a Bungie has forgotten to answer these questions for a long time on the destiny… Or they just don’t care?

the fate is officially hibernating. Although there is a road map wave of the future content which includes spring-loaded PvE update, a DLC pack and a suite of 2016 2017, the mere existence of these elements is actually what is known about any of them.
, but this does not mean all the world fled the game. Destiny has amassed such a dedicated fanbase, the biggest loyalist of the game are still stick around, despite the fact that there is pretty much nothing to do that in the game try to insinuate gear to brightness max or country a perfect roll on a legendary weapon.
the problem is that the players most dedicated of fate begin to feel ignored by Bungie, because the game has still some persistent problems. Some of these problems have been plaguing the game for months, and they range from minor inconveniences to revolutionary game errors.
here are some of the questions that is still dwell on fate:

The Firefly Perk still has the ability to Crash the whole game
: it’s a mistake that we have heard everything from eons now, but apparently it is not yet fixed. Firefly, the advantage of the weapon that enemies a burst in a fireball when killed by headshot, has the potential to literally crash the game when it is combined with other benefits. It was believed to be specifically linked to a Desert, vanity, but that is a question many guns which have the advantage through. This may be difficult to replicate or difficulty, but this is one of the only issues on this list that has the potential to crack the game to the point where it requires a hard reset, it seems that it must be a high priority fix.
non – Bullet Hit detection got really screwed upward
Hit-detection is becoming a problem among the categories of virtually all destiny. When the Sunbreaker Titan class was nerfed, something seems if be produced where the Fiery hammers of the class burst Super often very early on, until they reach their targets, dishing any damage. Similarly, something has happened with the Hunter Bladedancer class, which used to be dreaded in PvE, but is now legendary fail-compilation of YouTube, as the move can accumulate miss after miss after miss because screwy hit detection. But it’s not just super. Often, loaded into all categories melee attacks damage or proc effect they are supposed to (burn, shield, etc.). This is a pretty serious, annoying problem.
Crucible Drop rates are disturbingly Low
in light of this melting pot is now the main objective of the game, as it is the only way to really have a little ‘fresh’ experience with all content PvE exhausted, it is a problem that gear for fashion awards appear to have been in default for months. In the crucible of ordinary iron, banner or special events like the double purple, lower rates for usable gear are strangely low. This happened at a Summit in dual purple, the PvP of the days event mode Crimson, where high level ghosts were simply not down 95% of the playerbase, when that was supposed to be the main reward mode. Bungie ‘ Fix’ everybody gave a phantom max level if they simply played enough matches, but once again, that have to do with the change in rate of fall.
banner of iron in particular has been a point of grief to loyal players, and some of the most dedicated community members run experiments where they play something crazy like 300 iron banner games and record the results. These results are discouraging, to say the least… and there is still an absurd amount of luck and efforts to get gears of high quality of the Crucible because rates oddly low drop. At this point, it’s a little uncertain as to why Bungie lets rain light items high, because according to them, the light level is increased this spring (330, allegedly) so it won’t matter same as long as it, if the players hit max level now.
and all the rest
these may be no need for their own bullet points, but they are still buggy anyway. Something strange happened with the exotic riding shotgun, where many of its benefits do not work as expected (damage crit, range), which is irritating considering how some people worked for this weapon. There is a specific ship (armor or wishes) that can cause to constantly have a postmaster notification (a nightmare of obsessive-compulsive disorder). And while the emphasis is always on PvP lag problems, there still seems to be some delay PvE so enemies absorbent of grenades or be immortal all around because of the offset.
Bungie knows probably many of them, but they are just low priority… for them (we think). With stuff like Crucible decline rates and a few other issues, they showed a real lack of knowledge about the clear problems sometimes. As no one on the team seemed to know about Crimson double ghosts until he grew on a podcast of major destiny, so who really knows?
, it may happen that instead of the segmentation of the patches, Bungie is retaining for a big patch, but many of those things are gone for months, is not surprising that the community feels like they have simply been forgotten. And maybe they have.
, as we all prepare to jump into the Division next week, in addition to providing new content, Bungie needs to remember to store the current problems with the game as well.
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