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how do I add or update your Image of Podcast in the iTunes Store a question I was asked several times, it is ‘How can I change the image of my podcast that is displayed in the iTunes store?’ or, ‘ I do not have an image that is displayed for my podcast on the iTunes store. , how can I add one? “.

eh well, the answer to this is all down to special information which must be included in the RSS feed for your podcast.

iTunes store gets all the information about your podcast (e.g., name, image info & episode logo) to your RSS feed.

iTunes is expected to see a number of iTunes specific information ‘fields’ in your RSS feed.

without entering too much technical detail, your RSS feed is very similar to a web page. If you’ve ever watched the code that will make a web page, you’ll see lots of “tags”, such as: ,


  • , which all have special meaning to your browser to set up the structure of your page.

    your feed RSS is written in a very similar “markup” language, but rather than being aimed at creating pages for browsers web, it is intended for applications software that extracts information from RSS feeds.

    so, if you have a look at the code that will catch up with your RSS podcast feed, you will see some buried there tags that tell the iTunes store (or any other RSS feed reader software) where it can find the image of the logo for your podcast.

    the specific tag that tells iTunes where the image is located is the tag ““.

    unless this tag is present, and that it points to the URL of your podcast logo image, so he will not be able to find your logo and therefore may not display it in the iTunes store.

    here is an example to show you how it works. This is an excerpt of an RSS file, highlighting the tag. The URL (i.e. web location) of the image that will be used is:

    here is the excerpt from the RSS file:

    John Doe

    you see the tag has the web address of the image to use in embedded:

    If your RSS feed will be able to tell iTunes where your logo, it must have an entry like this.

    the question you may be asking is: ‘ well, how can I get this tag in my RSS feed?

    the answer is that the service that creates your RSS feed should add this information.

    personally, I use Feedburner to generate my last RSS feeds, which boasts a setting that allows me to specify the URL of my logo especially for iTunes. Here is a screenshot of the Setup page for those who use Feedburner Feedburner (click to enlarge):

    Note that your image must already exist somewhere, so you can tell Feedburner where it can find the image. You must have downloaded your image to somewhere (for example the Google Photos) and contain the URL of the image.

    Please check that your image is configured correctly by looking at the raw RSS feed using a browser, or you can watch the “XML Source ‘ If you use Feedburner (click on the image below to zoom in).” You must verify the information contained in the tag:

    If you want to watch the raw RSS feed, simply enter in the address bar of your browser, and you’ll see if everything goes well the code of RSS feeds and will be able to check if your tag is correct.

    If you do not use Feedburner, your podcast hosting provider will almost certainly generate your RSS feeds, which should include an appropriate label to tell iTunes where your logo image. If you are not sure, check your raw RSS feed by typing the address of your RSS feed in a browser and taking a look for him. Use the browser “Edit > Search ‘ feature to look for itunes: ‘ < image ‘.”

    If you change your image at a given time and the new image is displayed in the iTunes store, there are a few caveats:

    • , you must change the name of your image file so that iTunes relaizes that there was a change and will get your new image. You cannot use the same URL of the image.
    • when you edit the image, it may take a few days before they appear correctly in iTunes. Therefore, if you make a change, check your raw RSS feed to make sure that the tag now properly points to your new address of the image and then, be patient!

    a final to know caveat is that your image must be at least 600 x 600 pixels in size and must be in jpg or png format. If you use an incorrect format, it may be another reason why you have questions.

    I hope that this article has given you some tips to show you how add or update the logo image for your podcast on the iTunes store.

    If you need more technical information on this topic, it is useful to check the Apple own document on the subject in:

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