How To Podcast Using WordPress-wpn

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is the next step in blogging. While blogging is done by the armies of ordinary people wearing pajamas, podcasting is made by many of these same people, although less often in pyjamas, before digital or audio recorder. Short pieces are recorded, and then distributed via RSS 2.0 or Atom to their customers, usually a blog site. Listeners and viewers can then download podcasts using podcast clients. A podcast right customer (for example, juice, CastPodder or iTunes) will allow you to subscribe to your favorite podcasters RSS/Atom feeds and automatically download content to a computer or a portable audio player when new items are available.

most of the podcasters create their content in the audio or video, MP3 or MP4 files and upload them, link to the file in a blog. Users can then on the link to download the content if they are not automatically subscribed to the RSS/Atom feed. The problem has never been in the obtaining of the contents of the web page, but to get the content to work through power supply systems. WordPress, in most cases, will automatically include new data of podcasting in your RSS/Atom feed system workflow. This makes it easy to provide you with content and for your users to subscribe to this content.

for most people, WordPress 1.5 and above will be podcast easily and automatically. When you navigate to the audio file in a WordPress post using the full URL, it automatically adds to the RSS/Atom feed and makes it usable as a podcast. Make sure that you use a complete address:

wrong: my podcast right: my podcast

your last step is to put a link to your feed RSS/Atom feed on your page. By default, streams are at the bottom of your WordPress page. The link should look like this if you use RSS: feed = rss2

If you use an atom, the link will look like this: feed = atom

in previous versions of WordPress, work of automated links for messages only, not for static pages. Because WordPress needs to handle accurate file size information, if you change a linked file you should be sure to repeat the message that contains the link. If you have linked to a file which, for some reason, is not entirely accessible from your blog, your podcast will not work correctly when this is because WordPress will not have the correct file size information.

for Apache servers and others who use the .htaccess file, you need to add a directive to the configuration file or .htaccess file to get the server to recognize correctly the podcast (m4a and m4b) files. You can simply add this line to the file that you are using:

AddType audio/x-m4a .m4a >